Airbnb & Co: The ultimate solution for illegal parties in rented apartments / hotels

Unwanted parties are one of the biggest concerns for Hotels and short term rentals. It is well-known that some guests book specifically for this purpose – while most hotels and host want to avoid parties at all costs. This guide to ID verification and House Rule acceptance will inform you of what options are available to automate this process.

Problems with parties

Noise, damage, alcohol and even drugs are some problems associated with illegal parties in short term lets. As guest feel no responsibility for the temporary accommodation and their guest even feel less responsibility for law and order events like these often escalate and cause damage. Often fake names and information was used for the booking making it difficult to bring those responsible to pay for the damages.

Characteristics of Party bookers

1. last minute booking normally on the Weekend

2. the guest came from the same town

3. a large apartment was rented for two people

4. the guest was young male

5. No or little communication from guest


1. Set your house rules on your website and in the booking platforms

2. Set age restrictions and on Airbnb for example you can have “only validated guest” as an option

3. For problematic units do not allow lastminute bookings

4. Get personal details of guest including identification either with ID scanners or online verification tools.

ID Reader / Scanner

This hardware solution allows manual scanning of documents which automatically recognizes the document type and extracts all textual data from the scan and even imports it into your software.

Online verification

Having a Guest fill out their personal details, Validating their phone number, uploading Passport and having the Guest agree to all your rules including the consequences and then validating the completed process with a verification sms code that is sent to their given mobile phone number. Only once this is done Webcodelock will send the access information and codes allowing the guest to check in.

Key Benefits of getting the personal data Electronicly

  1. Eliminate human mistakes and Reduce time for check-in process
  2. Increase security    
  3. Save guest profile in your PMS
  4. Reduce costs and space saving data digitally
  5. Have accurate guest information is is legally required in most countries
  6. Cost effective way to collect accurate data

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