Authorised Representative Agreement Template

(c) do not make publicity statements, provide insurance or guarantees regarding the licensee, its staff or a financial product, unless it has given the licensee`s written authorization; and (f) strictly comply with the guidelines and procedures relating to the licensee`s authorized representative activity, which the licensee has occasionally made available to the authorized representative of the company; (g) a reference to a party, clause, party or party clause or clause refers to a party or clause in this agreement or part of this agreement; D The licensee accepts the appointment of the agent under the conditions set out in this agreement. (ii) all other training and training courses that the licensee reasonably requires with respect to the obligations of the authorized representative of the company under this agreement. Nothing in this agreement will be interpreted as a finding of the relationship between the employer and the worker between the parties or as the creation of a partnership between the parties, but the relationship between the parties will at any time be that of the client and the representative and will not be different and if a provision of that agreement were to be incompatible with that clause , if this clause were to prevail to the extent of inconsistency. If the GST amount recovered by a party in accordance with item 26.2 differs from the amount of GST payable by the party or its representative member upon delivery, the difference must be paid to the party or refunded (as required by the case). By terminating the agreement, the taker will facilitate the transfer of clients to the new taker of the authorized partners after: (iii) comply with all the appropriate written requirements or instructions of the taker in order to allow the licensee to control and control the performance of the obligations that the authorized agent of the company must fulfill on behalf of the taker and to monitor the performance of his respective obligations under this agreement; and (iii) to ask the licensee or a staff member of the licensee to disrupt or attract a person who, in the last 12 months of the agreement (or, if necessary, a shorter period of time), was an employee, contractor, agent or adviser to the licensee or associate licensee. B The licensee appointed the authorized representative of the company as the authorized representative of the company as part of the agreement reached by the authorized company to provide financial services on behalf of the taker as the authorized representative of the company. When a party is required, under this agreement, to compensate or compensate another party for an amount owed to the other party, the amount repaid or paid by the party remains in force: the rights and obligations of the parties with respect to the agreements, allowances, agreements and guarantees contained in this agreement remain fully in force and work: the agreements , outstanding allowances, agreements and guarantees are not merged or expire by or after the termination or performance of obligations arising from this agreement. (i) do not accept or request activities that are not authorized under this agreement; (a) In the provision or promotion of financial services provided by the authorized representative of the company under this agreement, the authorized representative of the company: the rights and obligations of the parties under this clause 26 do not merge after the conclusion or termination of this agreement. (d) the company`s agent has never been suspended or prohibited from acting as an authorized representative of the holder of an AFSL or submitting disciplinary action or an enforceable obligation by ASIC, and if so, these issues have been notified to the licensee; (h) a reference to this agreement contains the recitals and all the schedules, annexes, parts or annexes of this agreement; Each party will bear its own costs and expenses for the negotiation, preparation, implementation and provision of this agreement and any documents concluded under or relating to this agreement.