Clac Kiewit Collective Agreement

Funeral leave: 3 days for the death of spouse, spouse, child, father, mother, legal creditor, stepfather, stepmother, brother, sister, grandparents, grandchildren. Additional time may be granted by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker. Members ratified the one-year extension of the collective agreement. This extension will also increase health and social security contributions in line with the new costs of the plan. Pension: The Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) group RSP and cLAC, managed by the CLAC Group Trusts Council, apply to all employees of collective agreements. The employer, the worker will pay corresponding contributions of 1% in the retirement plan (workers can opt). Golderados Edmonton-Shop members have ratified a two-year collective agreement that provides for a 1% pay increase in 2019, as well as a boat bonus and several new bonuses. More than 90% of MEPs voted in favour of the renewal of the two-year collective agreement. It includes 2% wage increases over time and greater flexibility in CLAC pension plans to include the CLAC retirement plan (in addition to the CLAC RSP group). Other benefits include increased health and wellness services, as well as the language of good training, health and safety practices sponsored by the employer, as well as the protection of tool storage. . STD: 60% of the weekly base salary, up to USD 600 per week (benefits after the first day of accident or hospitalization; 14th day of illness, maximum 119 days). Leave with pay: all employees receive 6% of the basic hourly rate for all hours worked as leave allowance for each period of pay.

. Editor`s Note: Workplace Injuries: If an employee is to be hospitalized for more than one week after an injury in the workplace, the employer will provide transportation to the available facility (inside Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan) near the employee`s home at no cost to employees. Prescription safety goggles: The employer reimburses the worker 50% of the cost of prescription safety glasses, up to $300. The worker must have worked 150 hours with the employer for the first refund; 4,000 overtime hours from the last time for all subsequent refunds. Call salary: at least 2 hours of salary at the current hourly rate. Paid holidays: Workers receive 4% of the hourly wage for all hours worked as vacation pay instead of the following general holidays: New Year`s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Lamembrance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day. Members have ratified a two-year contract that provides for increases in leave and comprehensive coverage for increased health and social assistance rates. Overtime: time and half for all work after 8 straight hours per day or 40 hours per week (32 hours per week if legal leave occurs during the worker`s normal week). Post bonus: $8 per hour for the general foreman. $6 per hour for foremen.

$3 per hour for lead hand. $1 per hour for the steward. $1.25 per hour for steward with toolbox 1. $1.50 per hour for steward with toolbox 2. $1.75 per hour for steward with toolbox 3. $2.50 per hour for the chef with toolbox 2. $3 per hour for the chief steward with toolbox 3. $3 per hour for the night shift (mostly hours between 6 p.m and 6 a.m.). $1 per hour if the employee is in possession of 2 tickets (tickets must be included in the leaderboard). Members have ratified a new three-year contract. It offers 5% wage improvements for companions during this extended period.