Customs Clearance Services Agreement

10. Advance the money. All fees, including customs duties and taxes, must be paid by the customer within 10 business days from the date of billing of these fees, regardless of the other agreed terms for other invoiced services. The company will not advance funds for the payment of customs duties or taxes. 4. No responsibility for the choice or services of third parties and/or itineraries. Unless the services are provided by individuals or companies acting in accordance with the client`s explicit written instructions, the entity will exercise appropriate diligence in selecting third parties or in choosing the means, channels and procedures to be followed in the management, transport, authorization and delivery of the shipment; Business advice, The fact that a particular person or company has been selected to provide services relating to the goods should not be construed as ensuring or representing that person or company will provide such services, or liability for the act or/or inaction of these third parties and/or its enforcement assistants, and is not responsible for any delays or losses of any kind that occur during a shipment under the responsibility or control of a third party or a representative of a third party. All claims related to the action of a third party are exclusively filed against that party and/or its representatives. As part of such a requirement, the company will reasonably cooperate with the customer responsible for all costs incurred by the company. 6. Confidence in furnished information.a. The Customer recognizes that he is required to verify all documents and statements prepared by the Company and/or submitted by the Company on behalf of the Client to U.S.

Customs and Border Services, other government authorities and/or third parties, and will immediately notify the Company of errors, anomalies, misrepresentations or filings or omissions in a statement or other .b filed on behalf of the Client. When filing and filing customs declarations, export declarations, declarations, security declarations, documents and/or necessary data, the company relies on the accuracy of all documents, written or electronic, as well as on all information provided by the customer, including, but not only, the tariff classification and related information.