Pjm Generator Interconnection Agreement

Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Inc. represented Wolverine in the FERC procedures for setting rates for an electricity sales contract and active power compensation and was advised on miso market rules, cost allocation and rate design issues. Southern is also trying to repeat the start date for measuring power metrics for interconnection studies. The date on which a transmission provider receives an executed study agreement from the link customer is not the appropriate start date. In support of this argument, it notes that the transmission provider should not receive additional points for an interconnection application, such as study filings and technical data, for some time after the study agreement has been concluded. South states that if the Commission does not have “a revised start date beginning with the receipt of the study and the provision of complete and valid data, then . . . . [it] must specify that an interconnection client is required to provide the study and provide complete and valid technical data before the transmission provider begins the study. [218] Changes to the delegation agreement. PG-E National Energy Group is represented in the refusal of any changes to existing transmission agreements during the transition to ISO in New York. 67.

Generation Developers argues that the Commission erred in not requiring transmission providers to explain their justification if they do not agree with a connection customer as to whether a network upgrade is the only one. [153] They justify that the interconnection client`s ability to exercise the opportunity to build up undermines the client`s ability to increase the transparency of the process being affected by the fact that such a declaration is not necessary. [154] You also disagree with the Commission that such a declaration would be difficult before the transmission provider has the results of the system impact assessment, since these results will be available prior to the LGIA phase of the Print Started Page 8168 interconnection process, when the interconnection customer can first express his wish to use the construction option. [155] In addition, Generation Developers argues that in the event of disagreement, dispute resolution or a complaint filed pursuant to Section 206 of the VPA are not viable options, as these options involve costly delays. [156] Power purchase contracts.